First Federal Community Bank

Dover Ohio

Documents Page updated with more PDF files 2November

First Federal continues to protect Katie Coniglio (Katie Mills, Katie Hurd or whatever fucking name she is using). They have now stonewalled the Dover Police Department by refusal to have Katie be interviewed. They also continue to threaten me… for wanting to obtain the truth in this. Bad news First Federal, you do not scare me, you can not intimidate me nor can Carroll County. I will fight this to the end. Funny how “charges” were dropped when people other than me had to go to court. This is far from over and I will make sure that everyone knows the garbage First Federal is doing. Dover PD report (PDF File) also my rebuttal to Dover PD. I really enjoy that the PRESIDENT & CEO of the bank comes to Katie Hurd-Zimmerly-Coniglio-Mills defense and makes a special trip to DPD. Steve Anderson also made the journey to DPD to “protect” Kate, I think the bank is protecting itself from what it has ALLOWED an employee to do.

FFCB FAILS to comply with a legal subpoena! FFCB said I needed a subpoena to see my account activity, suddenly they do not want to comply with needed information. No date stamp? No branch stamp? No authorized person signing off on these items? Also, FZR Law informed, that “she made a little mistake, but corrected it”… that’s a lie! Not to worry, I will continue to fight, I will continue to work with the Comptroller of the Currency to resolve all of these “mistakes”. Again, THINK about where you put your money, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

This page is still here & will be here due to the fact that Steve Anderson from FZR decided to send me very nasty letters about an account that should not have been closed in the way it was closed. I’m sorry FFCB but what you did as a company still was not above board and some things you continue to do are not done well. Found some new shady things First Federal did or “let happen” with the joint accounts so now my attorney is fired up and she’s going get the answers.

Also click Joint Accounts and see what FFCB lets employees do “just because” & there is more but the information had to be subpoenaed as I couldn’t find out information about MY OWN account, confusing, yes.

Think where you put your money

First Federal Community Bank, 321 N Wooster AVE, Dover OH 44622

Katie Coniglio