This can happen to you too… also want to say that employees “talk” about customers also, I know too much about too many people. Had to tell my wife to STFU when she would “share” about customers at the dinner table.

FFCB FAILS to comply with a legal subpoena! FFCB said I needed a subpoena to see my account activity, suddenly they do not want to comply with needed information. No date stamp? No branch stamp? No authorized person signing off on these items? Also, FZR Law informed, that “she made a little mistake, but corrected it”… that’s a lie! Not to worry, I will continue to fight, I will continue to work with the Comptroller of the Currency to resolve all of these “mistakes”. Again, THINK about where you put your money, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

It seems that FFCB has an unusual policy for joint accounts & the removal of one of the names on a joint account. Also when requesting information on a joint account, the FFCB attorney said I would need a subpoena to acquire:

  • information on all accounts that have my Social associated with that account (need a subpoena for this?)
  • Information on the accounts that large amounts of monies were transferred out of MY account to (I just want to know who owns the account?) I guess they can’t tell me where MY money went (need a subpoena)
  • FFCB policy on removal of a person from a joint account (they need a subpoena for this, be aware “regular” customers, might want to think about opening a joint account at this bank)
  • They did provide me a “signature release” form, that had little to no information & I asked for the time & date stamp on the original & the employee that signed off on the “signature release” (need a subpoena for more information on MY account)
  • Beneficiary was removed from my account, I asked why & FFCB policy on this (a dog can be a beneficiary if you want, but they thought it was ok for an employee to remove someone I designated)
  • POS (point of sale) purchase on the date of the “signature release” that I did not make, I wanted to see the signature as it was a fraudulent charge, no I NEED A SUBPOENA
  • A large withdrawal from the account I wanted the signed withdrawal slip (need a subpoena to see a withdrawal slip)
  • a copy of a check

Tell me why, I need a subpoena for any of this? Most of this is just basic banking information. I will tell you why, an employee did something shady & shitty and FFCB does not want to give me this information. I have now contacted the Federal Government to investigate.

If YOU are a FFCB customer & YOU want to know if your Social Security number is associated with any accounts, do you need a subpoena or just me? Can your husband/wife drain withdrawal money, transfer money to an unknown account, drain it down to $3 then let the bills continue to come out of that account causing overdrafts? How about after signing off on the account, using the debit card to make a purchase (wouldn’t that be credit/debit card fraud – more so if it’s a bank employee?) How about the written policy on removing a name from a joint account? FFCB has NONE? Funny how they will not even provide me with a copy. Why can’t I even get a copy of a check from MY account? a withdrawal slip? Funny how an EMPLOYEE of the bank, these are the people that YOU trust with your money work with a different set of rules than the rest of us… NOT FOR LONG

I have contacted not only the Federal oversight & State of Ohio, I will also contact the FDIC and anyone else that needs to listen. Rules are for everyone, not just the “rest of us”.