What is policy?

Dear Trent, Steph, Tiff & Management,

The longer this goes on, the deeper the shit becomes and I will not stop until she is gone or I get to the bottom of this. You want to “protect” her, she violated banking policy, rules and just general common sense. You keep the wagons circled but eventually one of my attorneys will break through.

This has also now become a civil matter due to the fact you had Steve Anderson send me those “pleasant” letters about my account that Katie Coniglio made a “mistake” with. She did not make a mistake, she did this with malice (with the help of other employees) and I intend to prove this in court. I will also most likely find that her BFF Heather Campbell signed off on these things, the “Marketing Director” signing off on financial matters?

Again, I will get to the bottom of this, I will find out who helped, who violated bank policy and who is responsible. The amount of my aggravation alone will cost the bank a few dollars in the long run.

You think she’s worth it? I know she’s not, at least now I do. She’s all about being “shitty & shady” and will fuck over anyone and everyone in her path, no matter how good you have been to her. Just think about it.